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Athens Tour

See up close the most beautiful spots of Athens. Admire the imposing Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium, the oldest functioning Stadium in the world. Tour the narrow streets of Plaka, walk to Syntagma, the city’s central square, and enjoy the panoramic view of Athens from Lycabettus.

Flisvos Marina

A green oasis in Athens.
Flisvos Marina has a number of high quality shops, offices, cafes and restaurants.
Perfect location for a day trip.


One of the most beautiful cities in Greece.
Visit the Kalamata Castle, built during the Byzantine era.
The Holy Church of the Holy Apostles is one of the most famous monuments related to the revolution of 1821.
Ideal destination for summer holidays.


The most glorified sanctuary of ancient Greece.
Visit the ancient stadium of Olympia, where the Olympic games were held in ancient times.
The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the most important museums in Greece.

Corinth Canal

A narrow strip of land that connects Central Greece with the Peloponnese, while the canal that has been opened in it connects the Saronic Gulf with the Gulf of Corinth.
The history of the Corinth Canal begins in the 7th century BC.


Top tourist destination for all seasons.
It is about an hour and a half drive from Athens.
It is an area with intense tourist traffic all year round.
The city has many options for accommodation, food and entertainment.


The highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide.
Hike in the Olympus National Park.
Visit the mythical Waterfalls of Orlia.


One of the most impressive and special geological monuments in the world.
A unique complex of huge paleolithic rocks and Byzantine monasteries in the world.
Ideal hiking trails.

Delphi - Arachova

Visit the Delphi Museum.
The place where the most important religious center of antiquity was born and flourished.
The most glamorous winter destination in Greece, thanks to the best ski resort in the country.


Ideal sightseeing spot for nature and hiking lovers.
It is the highest mountain of Attica with a height of 1,400 meters.
Unique hiking routes in the fir forest of Parnitha.


Admire the Temple of Poseidon.
Built in 444–440 BC. during the period of the political Pericles.
Swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of Attica, Skalakia.

Vouliagmeni Lake​

A natural brackish lake with healing properties.
It is included in the Natura 2000 areas.
The longest natural underground tunnel in the world.